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Ideas & Insights

Looking for ideas to apply in your work? Here are some insights from the Ripples Team:

Winning Strategies

Where do winning strategies come from? Every academic, guru, or consultant seems to have a point of view, yet do any of these help in strategy formulation?


Growing Your Business

In our consulting practice, we often meet with executives who are looking to grow their businesses in new directions: develop new markets or products, penetrate new segments, acquire or collaborate with relevant partners-in short, expand.

The (Potentially) Misplaced Focus on Customer Experience

Surely, many a business can benefit from and indeed establish a sustainable competitive advantage by differentiating their customer experience. Is this true for everyone who claims CE is their strategic advantage? In fact, under what conditions does customer experience become truly strategic?      

Successful Integration

Even in the case of mergers with great business rationale, fear of change and skepticism can easily hinder progress in the absence of proper management.

Change Performance

The majority of organizational changes and transformation efforts do not lead to improved results or sustained impact. Successful transformation involves changing not only "mindsets" but "heartsets."

Culture Change

The essence of any business transformation is cultural change, yet this is also the single most difficult challenge. Everyone wants "the culture" to change, but what is culture? And how do you change it?

Thriving on Diversity: Shaping an Inclusive Culture

There is plenty of evidence that diverse teams outperform....

Business Transformation

Business transformation aims at changing the way people think and act in an organization, since behavior is the ultimate driver of business results.

Women in Leadership: Changing the Game

With a workforce that starts 50-50 why do only 2% of CEO and less than 20% of senior positions on average end up being held by women?

Daring to Lead

So much has been said on leadership, yet we dare say more. There still is a need for developing a next generation of leaders determined to leave this world a better place.

Making Vision Work for You

Vision describes the future we want to bring into reality. Many organizations struggle with making vision really work for them. While vision can undoubtedly be powerful, it is also very elusive.

Educating Managers

Service learning is a form of experiential education in which participants engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote their development.

Leadership Journeys

Annual journeys took the regional executives of a multinational food business. Each journey was an unforgettable experience that transformed the participants' sense of community and attitude toward their business.

Power of Women

20 women members of the Boston Club set in motion a series of visioning sessions that lead to a total reshaping of the organization. There can be no better testament to the power of women and vision to mobilize change.

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