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Becoming a Market Leader

When Ripples first engaged with a North American agricultural equipment manufacturer's management team, they had a small beachhead in the US which was quickly fading. Working closely with the management team and the Board, we developed a strategy that within 2 years (ahead of our 3-year plan) profitably grew them to be the #3 player in the market.

After nearly 20 years of operation in the US market, a global tractor company had only nominal market share to show for its US investments and efforts. In 2010, the North American leadership team retained The Ripples Group to develop a three-year growth strategy to expand its business, raise brand awareness, and increase profitability. At the end of a four month project, the leadership team agreed to an aggressive growth strategy, aiming to become the #3 tractor company in North America. The strategy changed market positioning, product development, the distribution network, and many other aspects of the business. The ensuing marketing campaigns successfully challenged competition and established the tractor manufacturer as a real player in the market with substantially improved brand awareness and consideration.  Within two years (ahead of our three year plan), the tractor company achieved all targeted goals, more than doubling revenue and market share, increasing profitability, and becoming the #3 tractor brand in North America.


Upon completion of the three year strategic plan, the leadership team again engaged The Ripples Group to develop the next generation growth strategy. This new strategy aimed to solidify the brand’s position in the US market, grow revenue to $1B, expand the tractor line into higher horsepower categories, introduce an entirely new product category, and expand dealer channels into new geographic areas. The Ripples Group also supported various implementation efforts. In less than a year after Board approval of the strategy, the client had launched an entirely new product line, dramatically improved product quality and assembly operations, and initiated expansion into Canada and Mexico.


We are proud to have been a partner on this impressive journey since 2010.

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