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Why Ripples?


Founded in 2000 as an off-shoot from Bain & Company, The Ripples Group is a boutique management consultancy with a vibrant, international practice. Ripples has grown steadily since its inception. In 2008 we acquired the consulting practice of Proventive Inc., which expanded our public sector practice.

Our private sector clients include companies in consumer goods, technology, industrial and agricultural products, life sciences and health care, and financial services. In the public sector, we serve numerous federal, state, and city agencies. Most of our client relations tend to be long-term. We do not work for our clients’ competitors.


Our work style is highly collaborative with relatively small engagement teams versus those of major consulting firms. We believe that even large-scale transformation projects should remain collaborative efforts with lean consultant staffing, building instead on our clients’ existing resources. Our consultants excel at synthesis: after all is said and done, all the facts assembled and analysis conducted, what is the right thing to do? We take pride in creating high-impact, long-lasting results—the ripple effect.


We are demanding and selective in our hiring, and we take immense pride in having developed a diverse team. Collectively fluent in eleven different languages, we are well positioned to work with global teams.


All of our services have one goal in mind: making our clients succeed!     


Our Leadership Team


Karen Ayas

Founding Partner

Innis Headshot.jpg

Thomas Innis



Atilla Habip

Founding Partner


Jerome Meier



Mete Habip



Phil Mirvis




As a quickly growing firm, The Ripples Group runs a formal recruitment program for potential candidates several times per year. We are focused on securing and retaining individuals of the highest caliber.


Ideal candidates are:


Smart, structured thinkers who can solve complex problems.

Outstanding communicators who work effectively in teams and show strong interpersonal skills.

Experts at multitasking who have the ability to juggle several work streams comfortably at one time and thrive on the challenge.

Avid learners with a real passion for business and consulting. Specific industry knowledge is desirable, but a willingness to learn is truly key.

We look for individuals who have excelled in an academic context and possess at least a bachelors degree from a top university. Recent hires are graduates of Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Carnegie Mellon. For more senior roles, we expect more advanced degrees (MBA, MA/MS, PhD).


If you are interested in joining the firm, please submit a resume and cover letter that describes your skill set, accomplishments, and motivation for joining the firm via email at

Careers: FAQs

Careers FAQs
Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding recruiting and careers at The Ripples Group.

When does The Ripples Group begin recruitment?


Typically, we recruit for full time, consultant-level hires during the Fall semester. Recruiting for intern positions takes place during the Spring semester. Selections for first-round interviews are made approximately two weeks after the on-campus application deadline. In addition, The Ripples Group considers applications received through the website on a rolling basis.


I have submitted my application to The Ripples Group. What is next?


We assure you that your application will receive appropriate consideration before a decision is made. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we only contact those candidates who have been selected for first-round interviews.


From which schools do The Ripples Group recruit?


We do not have a standard set of schools from which we seek applicants. Typically, however, we formally recruit from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and Carnegie Mellon. If we do not have a job posting on your school's career website, we encourage you to apply by submitting your cover letter and resume via


I have already graduated. Can I still apply?


Yes, we encourage current students, recent graduates, and experienced professionals to apply. For more senior roles, we expect advanced degrees (e.g. MA/MS, MBA, PhD).


What is the interview process for candidates?


If selected, you will participate in a series of interviews inclusive of behavioral, case, and mental math questions. First round interviews are conducted over the phone, whereas later rounds are typically conducted in-person at our offices in Boston.


What types of cases do Ripples consultants work on?


Ripples consultants work on both public and private sector cases. We believe that there is significant value, to our clients and to our employees, in working across sectors. Our work spans many varying challenges which require our consultants to be smart, structured thinkers, who are capable of solving often ambiguous problems. For a more complete understanding of our project work, please see our Services and Clients pages.


To what extent does The Ripples Group offer training to its consultants?


The problems that our consultants solve require smart, structured, hypothesis-driven thinking for which formal training is limited in value. Hence, the vast majority of learning is expected to be completed "on the job. However, new hires do receive formal training on basic presentation, data analysis, and problem solving skills. In addition, Ripples consultants receive substantive feedback and coaching from other team members, managers, and partners throughout their case work.


How often do Ripples consultants travel?


Our consultants' travel is based upon assigned projects. There is no typical travel schedule for Ripples consultants. We work with many local, national, and international clients which creates variety in our work and travel schedules. That said, Ripples consultants are rarely required to travel Monday through Thursday on a weekly basis.

Annual Newsletters

Annual Newsletters

At the start of each new year, our Founding Partners write an annual newsletter to clients, business partners, colleagues, and friends. Please see below for our most recent newsletters. 


Dear friends,


2017 was a complicated year with so many lives disrupted. A year of destruction by hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires where time and again we were reminded of our frailty against forces larger than us.  Yet the power of human spirit and resilience kept shining through. 


Through it all, we are honored and inspired by our clients' confidence in us. 


2017 was a year of deep learning for us at Ripples. We had exceptionally diverse engagements in 2017 - -- from autonomous cars to solar energy, from a federal agency to a $20B global company, from banking to life sciences, from San Diego to Oslo, from strategy to large-scale IT implementation...  We sincerely hope we are just a bit wiser!


2017 was a fulfilling year as we got exposed to some mind-boggling challenges - e.g. imagine surveying 8,000 people at subway stations in six weeks. 


2017 was a fulfilling year as we helped many top leaders and organizations across the globe on whether their mission was to improve access to justice or better healthcare. 


And it was a year filled with many memorable moments of pride - e.g. seeing apprentices earning the right to become master craftsmen in our signature leadership development program. 


Wishing you a new year filled with wonder, much learning, health, and happiness.  Let's hope 2018 proves to be a year of calmer seas and smoother sailing.

— The Ripples Team

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