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Our Clients

The Ripples Group has worked with dozens of organizations—large and small, public and private—and has successfully carried out challenging engagements. We have always delivered high-quality work on time and within budget. In fact, virtually all of our clients have engaged us for subsequent projects which we believe speaks to the quality of our work.

​​The key principles we apply in our engagements are:

  • Fact-driven, analytical approach -- learn the issues in depth, use carefully synthesized data to support ideas and build consensus

  • Learning from external sources -- don’t remain introverted, benchmark against others, learn from other similar efforts

  • Appreciative inquiry and engaged dialogue -- build on the organization’s strengths, using dialogue to generate new ideas

  • Sensitivity to organizational dynamics -- being cognizant that even the first open-ended question is an intervention

  • Carefully structured and transparent decision making -- it should be easy to explain why and how a decision was made


In contrast to large consulting firms, our partners are hands-on and invest personally in each project, as opposed to merely appearing at major reviews. Simply, we are passionate about our work.

Follow the links below to learn more about our Private and Public Sector practices.

Private sector client
Public sector client
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