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Sri Lanka: A Story of Hope

Service projects in post-tsunami Sri Lanka provide an invaluable learning context for managers from Unilever's Asian food business.

Learning in Performance: How a Dutch Company Transformed Itself

The authors examine the process of change at an eager organization - from its germination in the mind of its leaders to its full implementation in practice.

Bringing "Mission" to Life: Corporate Inspiration from Indian Communities

What would you do to build a deep sense of purpose within your organization, enhance performance, and make a difference in the larger world?

Reflective Dialogue, Life Stories, and Leadership Development

Mirvis and Ayas illustrate the crucial role of dialogue and storytelling in the process of leadership development at Unilever.

Young Leaders' Forum in Asia: Learning about Leadership, Abundance, and Growth

The authors describe a novel approach to leadership development and their extraordinary experience in a leadership forum in Danang, Vietnam.

Learning: Building Communities of Reflective Practitioners

Drawing from real cases, the authors explore the enabling features of project-based learning and show how projects can be designed to increase learning capacity and reflective practice.

Design for Learning and Innovation

Do you manage effectively? Does your organization learn? Is there an organizational design that can be effective for learning and innovation? And what might this design look like?

Integrating Corporate Learning with Project Management

An alternative approach to organizing project teams in the aerospace industry allows learning to become an integral part of project management.

Professional Project Management: A Shift Towards Learning and a Knowledge Creating Structure

"Professional" project management aims for continuous improvement with every project. The project network structure described here enables effective knowledge creation and transfer.

A Dual-Phase Model for the Individual Learning Process in Industrial Tasks

The authors present a new dual-phase model for learning industrial tasks, based on the combined effects of cognitive and motor learning processes.

Predicting Performance Times for Long Cycle Time Tasks

The authors develop a model for predicting the learning curve for long-cycle tasks consisting of a series of non-repetitive, unique subtasks.

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