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The Ripples Group offers an array of services which can help your organization deal effectively with highly complex challenges in strategy, transformation, and leadership. As these challenges are deeply interconnected, many of our engagements include a blend of these services.

Where is the true profit pool in your industry? How can you target the most profitable customers?

Are your marketing, pricing and distribution strategies competitive?

Given your organization’s strengths and weaknesses against the competition, what is the optimal path to growth?

The Ripples Group can help you answer these questions and craft an effective strategy for profitable growth.


Are the strategy, structure, systems, and culture of your organization optimally aligned? What needs to change?

Are you managing innovation effectively to solve tomorrow's problems?

How can you improve your organization’s design to execute on your strategy? How can you achieve deep cultural change?

The Ripples Group can help you transform your business and organization. We collaborate with internal teams to produce sustainable results.


Are you attracting the leadership talent necessary to keep you at the cutting edge?

Are you doing what it takes to develop leaders at all levels?

Do you create an effective path for promoting women to senior positions? Do you ensure diversity on top teams?

The Ripples Group can help you develop high performing leaders and teams. We work with senior execs to identify interventions for developing leadership capacity at levels in the organization.

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