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As a quickly growing firm, The Ripples Group runs a formal recruitment program for potential candidates several times per year. We are focused on securing and retaining individuals of the highest caliber.

Ideal candidates are:


Smart, structured thinkers who can solve complex problems. We look for individuals who have excelled in an academic context and possess at least a bachelors degree from a top university. Recent hires are graduates of Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Carnegie Mellon. For more senior roles, we expect more advanced degrees (MBA, MA/MS, PhD).


Outstanding communicators who work effectively in teams and show strong interpersonal skills.


Experts at multitasking who have the ability to juggle several work streams comfortably at one time and thrive on the challenge.


Avid learners with a real passion for business and consulting. Specific industry knowledge is desirable, but a willingness to learn is truly key.


If you are interested in joining the firm, please submit a resume and cover letter that describes your skill set, accomplishments, and motivation for joining the firm via email at

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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