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Ripples 360 Workbook

360 Feedback Survey – Reflection


Review your report and reflect on the feedback you have received

What are your key takeaways from the feedback you received?


Insights on self -awareness: How closely do your perceptions match those of your respondents? Is it consistently higher or lower across all skills?


What are your key strengths? Which of these are important for you to continue to leverage?


What are 2-3 low rated behaviors that are critical for your development as a leader?


Looking at your detailed ratings are there any behaviors that are particularly high or low from a specific perspective (boss, peer, direct report) compared to overall ratings? What is critical for you to act upon?

  • Boss

  • Peer

  • Report


360 Feedback Survey - Development action plan

Prepare a draft action plan and review with your coach


Your plan should consist of two types of actions:

  • Ways to use your strengths to a greater advantage

  • Ways to improve overall performance by working on development needs


Strengths – Identify actions that will leverage your strengths to a greater extent. This can be for a specific group (boss, peers, reports)


Development needs – Select 2 areas of development you are willing to work on for the next 6 months that will add the greatest value to your performance. For each area, identify actions that will stretch your comfort zone and that you can practice frequently. Think about situations or events that prompt you to practice new skills, as well as, who needs to be involved (boss, peers, reports). Set target dates where relevant.

Objective 1: Action plan


Objective 2: Action plan

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