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Formulating a strategic roadmap for public education capital funding

Following the appointment of a new executive director, The Ripples Group collaborated with a quasi-independent government authority to develop a new strategy which directed capital funding to public schools.

When a new leader assumed executive responsibility at a public school capital funding authority, The Ripples Group was retained to facilitate the senior team through a comprehensive strategic planning process and the development of a performance management process to support the implementation.


Over a period of four months, The Ripples Group carried out a tightly designed process which led to the formulation of a shared vision, clear mission, and strategic priorities with 6-month, 1-year, and 3-year milestones. The Ripples deliverables also included a detailed resource plan. At the center of the process were two off-sites conducted at Ripples offices with the entire extended leadership team of the Authority. Through facilitated discussions, the team dealt with difficult issues encountered at the time of a leadership transition, found common ground, agreed on roles and responsibilities, and collectively developed a plan for its future.


Upon Board approval of the strategic plan, The Ripples Group further developed a strategic management process that cascaded the organization’s mission and strategic priorities first to department-level goals and metrics and then to individual-level goals and metrics – now fully implemented.  Subsequently, Ripples developed a dashboard that helped define and prioritize key metrics and monitor the progress of the authority along its strategic priorities and milestones.


Key accomplishments include:

  • Facilitation of Vision and Strategic Plan, based on thorough engagement with all major stakeholders

  • Preparation and launch of a performance management process

  • Implementation of an executive dashboard

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