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Women in Leadership


Why do women disappear as they climb higher up the corporate ladder? What is needed to better support women in senior leadership positions, and why should your organization care?

Current research shows that firms that achieve greater gender equity and diversity return better average financial results than other companies. Organizations that take active steps to both recruit and nurture talented women are better positioned to attain the competitive edge necessary to succeed in today’s challenging business climate.

Are you wasting precious talent? How well is your organization poised to develop women leaders who will contribute to your company's overall growth and strategic development?

The Ripples Group can help you:

  • Develop a strategic direction for advancing female leaders

  • Design diversity and inclusion strategies, such as flexible work options, supporting high-potential women, and creating a mentoring/sponsoring program

  • Assist women in becoming more effective leaders through one-on-one coaching

  • Create an institutionalized development program for women in senior leadership positions

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