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360 Feedback


For those who are serious about personal and professional growth, feedback is an essential element. Leaders at all levels need honest feedback to increase their self-awareness and to have a better understanding of how they are perceived, how their actions impact their teams and the overall climate in the organization. The unfortunate truth is that the closer you get to the top, the more difficult it becomes to receive honest feedback.


360 is one the most effective feedback tools for leadership development as it provides leaders with feedback from multiple perspectives: managers, peers, direct reports, and clients. 360 process gives people an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback that they might otherwise feel uncomfortable giving, thus providing invaluable input on leaders' critical skills from those individuals with whom they frequently interact.


The Ripples Group's custom 360 feedback tool will focus on leadership competencies and skills that are fully integrated with your organization’s values and desired leadership behaviors.


Most leaders focus on managing their direct reports and, in the best of cases, developing high performing teams. It is, however, equally critical to master the art of managing sideways and upwards for business impact. Ripples 360 reports will help leaders identify specific actions they can take vis-à-vis different groups of stakeholders as well as provide feedback and insights that will increase leaders' overall effectiveness. 


See our 360 feedback reflection tool.

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